MARCO de Comunicación, the best rated and most valued PR agency, has signed a collaboration agreement with the Colombian agency Strategic Public Relations Group (SPR Group), which has its own offices in Bogotá (Colombia) and Lima (Peru). The agreement provides that, in a first phase, SPR Group will be integrated as an affiliate in MARCO’s network of offices, after which MARCO will take a minority position in the agency in order to make a complete acquisition in the near future.

Following the opening of its own office in Mexico City, MARCO continues its expansion in Latin America, this time through the partnership model with a partner already established and consolidated in the country of origin. SPR Group, co-led by Juan Manuel Cuéllar and Irene Morales, meets the high demands of reputation, quality and results demanded by the MARCO Group to incorporate a potential partner in its network of affiliates. Specifically, SPR Group has 15 years of experience, and includes in its expertise clients such as Coca-Cola Company, 3M, Unisys, Hewlet Packard, American Express, Visa, Liberty Seguros, Volkswagen and Sony.

Juan Manuel Cuéllar, President of SPR Group, has more than 20 years of professional experience in various fields, such as corporate affairs, crisis management, marketing communication, negotiation, reputation and government relations. He has also held positions of responsibility as Manager of Corporate and Government Affairs for Intel Corporation, Microsoft Corporation, Nestlé of Colombia, and the Bogota Chamber of Commerce and has collaborated with media platforms such as Semana and HoyxHoy magazine, among others. In the public sector, he worked in the Presidency of the Republic of Colombia and in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Colombia.

Irene Morales, Director of SPR Group, has worked throughout her extensive career as a Manager and results-oriented consultant with experience in strategic communication projects and organisational transformation in private companies, governments and NGOs, in various industries such as technology, health, mass consumption and financial services in Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Mexico, Puerto Rico, the United States, Germany and Spain.

After a process of internationalisation within Europe, which has already been concluded successfully, given that 50% of our invoicing comes from abraod, MARCO sets its goal to expand throughout the Spanish-speaking continent, where we have had a presence in its capital, Miami, for 10 years. In the coming years, this process of expansion within Latin America will continue with new openings and acquisitions“, says Didier Lagae, CEO of the MARCO Group.

With this new addition to the Group, MARCO now has 8 offices in Madrid, Barcelona, Lisbon, Paris, Casablanca, Miami and Mexico City, and 2 affiliated offices in Bogotá and Lima. This agreement forms part of the agency’s growth and diversification strategy, with Latin America as its development focus for the coming years.

“For SPR Group and its clients, the alliance with MARCO means the meeting of synergies and knowledge of a great company recognised for its achievements and its award-winning team in Europe and a springboard for Colombian and Peruvian companies seeking to expand into other markets. We add experiences for the benefit of all”, says Juan Manuel Cuéllar, President of SPR Group.

Last modified: 16 July, 2019



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