María Victoria de Rojas has won the prestigious award that the El Mundo del Superdotado Foundation gives for Educational Excellence for the Gifted and those with High Capabilities in the Media category, Written Press section. The awards recognise both the excellence of the media and institutions, as well as projects by Spanish schools carried out with gifted students. The awards were presented in a ceremony during the VI Congress of Giftedness and High Capabilities that took place last October 19 and 20 in CaixaForum, Madrid.

María Victoria Rojas, editor of the ejecutivos Group and senior manager at MARCO Group, has been awarded for her work in defence of the needs of this group both personally and through the publication.

She was grateful for the prize and stated that “it would never have been possible without the constant support of my team, both the one that has accompanied me throughout the years and the one that has just been incorporated to develop the new digital project. We will continue supporting high capacities because they represent the talent that our country needs so much and they deserve all our attention“.

In this year’s awards, which have the support of the Ministry for Education, the Community of Madrid and the La Caixa Social Project, the following were awarded:

Educational projects

  • First Prize for the “GUENETIKOS 3.0” project presented by Carolina Álvarez Pumares of the Valle del Miro School in Valdemoro (Madrid)
  • Second Prize for the “Atención Alumnado AACC” project presented by Cristina Vicente Domínguez-Palacios and Santiago Álvarez García of the Llanes Institute of Secondary Education in Seville.  
  • Third Prize for the “Pequeños Tecnocorazones” project presented by Juan Suardíaz Muro and carried out between the Polytechnic University of Cartagena and the San Isidoro Secondary School in Murcia.


  • Confederación Española de Altas Capacidades Intelectuales (Spanish Confederation of High Intellectual Capacities) – CONFINES


  • Written Press: María Victoria Rojas, editor of the ejecutivos Group
  • Radio: Javier García Mateo, Director of the Last Hour programme at Gestiona Radio
  • Television: Rafael Núñez Huesca and Adrián Arsuaga Laborde for the programme “La Redacción Abierta de Intereconomía TV” in the Positive News section.
  • – Social Impact: Javier Cárdenas for the programme “Hora Punta TVE Superdotados y Altas Capacidades”.
Last modified: 16 July, 2019



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