MARCO, Communication Agency of the Year for Southern Europe as declared by the SABRE Awards and leader in brand management and reputation building, has been chosen by the company, RINGANA, to lead on the development of its positioning as a brand, strategic communications, and media, blogger, and influencer relations in Southern Europe, across Spain, France and Portugal.

This vegan, sustainable and naturally sourced cosmetics and food supplement company stands out for its leadership in the sector and philosophy based on caring for the environment while still performing to the highest possible level. Present in a wide range of European countries, the company has chosen MARCO to design its communication strategy to help reach its target audiences, going beyond the new frontiers of communication to improve its positioning in the digital ecosystem. To achieve this, the agency will offer RINGANA its consulting and press office services, as well as its extensive experience in managing digital communication, especially influencer marketing.

MARCO’s international standing, with 11 offices across 4 continents, as well as its considerable knowledge of the lifestyle sector, were fundamental factors in RINGANA’s decision. Indeed, the agency will also implement a global communication plan to act as a commercial springboard for expansion into more markets.

The Austrian company occupies a strong position in terms of sustainability, having been recognised by several awards such as the Austrian Environmental Protection Award in 2015, the European Business Award in 2016/2017, the TRIGOS Styria Award in 2010 and the EY Entrepreneur of the Year in 2013, among others. By using only regulated raw materials, every product meets controlled quality standards. These products are made in RINGANA’s own laboratories and factories, based on the latest scientific studies and technologies available. Moreover, it upholds corporate social responsibility as a key part of the entire production chain. RINGANA undergoes regular voluntary checks by recognised inspection organisations, such as Quality Austria, that ensure compliance with good manufacturing practices. ECOCERT Greenlife and LACON also carry out audits and control checks, and the company works closely with organisations such as Cáritas, Lebenshilfe, las Aldeas Infantiles SOS and Jugend am Werk.

“We are proud to continue expanding our multi-market services in Southern Europe with a client like RINGANA that is so uniquely positioned due to its sustainable awareness. In addition to the planned objectives and strategies in the different markets of Spain, France and Portugal, it is an important point of reference among our portfolio of lifestyle clients. RINGANA epitomises current consumer values, which are increasingly conscious of things such as the importance of sustainability, according to MARCO’s study ‘Post-COVID-19 Consumer Habits’, carried out in six countries”, says Didier Lagae, founder and CEO of MARCO.

For his part, Andreas Wilfinger, founder and CEO of RINGANA GmbH, said, “We really value the excellent work of an internationally recognised agency like MARCO, and we are looking forward to continuing to work together to boost the presence of the RINGANA brand across Spain, France and Portugal.”

Last modified: 19 November, 2020



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