MARCO, winner for Southern Europe of the communication agency of the year award at the SABRE Awards, welcomed 13 new team members in October. With over 18 years dedicated to brand and reputation building, the firm now has over 150 consultants across the globe. These new additions to the company are a testament to the firm’s status as the fastest-growing Spanish agency, as declared by The Holmes Report. The firm is actively strengthening its divisions in different markets, showing its ability to adapt its services in response to the COVID-19 crisis.

With 20 new clients joining the company so far this year, the diversification of MARCO’s business model, its expansion into new markets and the constant technological advancements, reinforcements and new talent has been brought on board. Héléna Garnier, Alizée Dusseux-Gicquel, and Hamza Jabrane have joined the French and Maghreb team, while Sophie Rasbash and Muirin Keating are the newest members of the Global and UK team.

In Spain, the latest hires include Marina Suárez, José Vicente Alzola, Nayla Vega and Laura Herrera in the Lifestyle & Consumer department; Blanca López de Ceballos, in the Corporate Reputation team; and Ángela Arce in the Digital team. Meanwhile, Jules Hermida is joining, the economic and business news outlet that forms part of the MARCO Group.

Héléna Garnie previously worked in the communications department for 24 Heures de Le Mans and the New Caledonian Chamber of Commerce. Alizée Dusseux-Gicquel has five years of experience in communications and marketing in industries as varied as fashion and travel, in Paris and Los Angeles. Sophie Rasbash joins from the innovation consultancy, Bax & Company. Muirin Keating is a specialist in European Studies and a graduate of the University of Bath, while Hamza Jabrane is joining MARCO after completing Master’s degrees at both the IE Business School and ICADE.

Marina Suarez has worked for several tourist destinations, airlines, hotel chains, and tour operators. José Vicente Alzola has more than 10 years of experience as a communications and PR consultant in sectors such as sports, food & beverage, and retail; he was also previously Account Director at BRTnews. Nayla Vega has more than seven years of experience and has worked for Olaizola Comunica, BTeam Pictures, and the Film Academy. Laura Herrera worked in communications at Sony Pictures Spain and BTeam Pictures. Blanca López de Ceballos was with the Endesa Foundation for almost two years before working at different agencies, in the tourism and food & beverage departments, among others. Angela Arce’s CV includes brands such as Atelier Choux Paris, Women Secret, and Nestlé. Finally, Jules Hermida joins the team on a permanent basis as an in-house photojournalist.

MARCO has also recently announced the appointment of Tomás Matesanz as Business Development & Innovation Officer. He will take the lead on business expansion, as well as the establishment of international offices in London, Berlin, and Milan.

This growth of the team will reinforce the agency’s position as a leader in the fight against the climate emergency and as an expert in creating and managing Country Brands. MARCO’s commitment is clear from its alliance with The Climate Reality Project, an initiative of the former Vice-President of the United States and Nobel Peace Prize winner, Al Gore; as well as its long list of clients equally committed to the fight against climate change. As a pioneer in country branding, A Country Brand, a Branded Country, written by Didier Lagae, founder and CEO of MARCO, will be published in English and French in November.

Didier Lagae, founder and CEO of MARCO said: “We’re very proud to maintain our position of leadership, especially in the current context. Our natural commitment to strengthening our teams around the world by recruiting leading talent is firm. We have also adapted our services, not only in response to our clients’ needs on a global scale but also in the face of an unprecedented challenge, COVID-19. Adding specialised and international 360° services, particularly in digital and video, is just one example of MARCO’s spirit of innovation and transformation. We are pleased to welcome all new members, who will surely bring their enthusiasm and experience to MARCO’s growing team.”

Even during the first lockdown in March, the agency also continued to recruit – Mario Skouras and Amy Carter joined the EU Affairs team; Clara Quentin was hired for the French team; and Camila Cavalletti and Claudia Barabucci for the Italian team. They were hired as part of MARCO’s leadership commitment to manage the communication and 360° positioning of public agencies and organisations based within the framework of the European Union. The agency is also already planning to welcome new team members in the design, digital, video and image,, entertainment, and IT departments in the coming weeks.

Last modified: 11 November, 2020



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