MARCO agency has been nominated in the first edition of the Lisbon PR Awards for 7 of its latest campaigns. The Lisbon PR Awards are part of the Lisbon Awards Group, which celebrates other awards ceremonies in Portugal, such as the Lisbon International Advertising Festival, among others. The creation of the Lisbon Awards Group responds to the growing prestige of the Public Relations sector in the advertising and communication industry, and aims to reward the best campaigns and agencies that work daily at the global level helping their clients to best communicate their brands.

The Lisbon PR Awards judges include 25 high level representatives for each category across10 different categories, and they will be in charge of evaluating the best work from among all the entries. MARCO’s nominations come from its clients, including EUIPO, Mattel, Conforama, Anfevi, UpM and Lidl, in addition to the agency’s own rebranding. These campaigns were recognised for:

The new EUIPO website – Ideas Powered Website

MARCO’s nomination with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), is part of the Digital & Mobile category, more specifically in the subcategory Government & Politics. Their entry focused on the development of the new website, Ideas Powered, an EUIPO initiative whose aim is to make the subject of intellectual property (IP) interesting for a young audience, between 18 and 30 years old. To this end, MARCO carried out the redesign of the website with the aim of transforming it into a “media” on intellectual property, developing an interactive tool and incorporating content from the campaign’s editors, as well as from the community of creators. A key part of the project was to encourage engagement and participation in the Ideas Powered projects (Youth Workshops, the EU Blockathon and the IP@ School).

60th anniversary of Mattel’s Barbie

This nomination is in both the event category and the Children & Teen subcategory. The campaign was part of Mattel’s 60th anniversary, continuing the “Sheroes” program launched in 2015, in which Barbie pays tribute to more than 20 heterogeneous female references, known as Role Models. In Spain, MARCO led the Role Models programme, including the selection and activation of the three ambassadors: the singer Alaska, the Paralympic athlete Desirée Vila and the Scientist Nerea Luis. In this way, the agency was responsible for preparing an event along with the brand’s ambassadors and the attendance of a large number of journalists and influencers to continue promoting Barbie’s values.

ModoCasaON Campaign by Conforama

The nomination was made under the subcategory ‘Home Furnishings & Appliances’ in the Media Relations category. The campaign was carried out for the second largest home furniture store in Europe and consisted of a 360º strategy based in Spain and Portugal. The cornerstone of the campaign was the event held at the flagship facility, called ‘Home Mode On by Conforama’, which was entirely created and designed with the company’s furniture. The installation was located in the centre of Madrid and was designed with the help of the renowned designer and decorator, Raúl Martins. It attracted a large number of journalists and influencers, and received extensive media coverage.

IChooseGlass Campaign by Friends of Glass

MARCO’s nomination along with the National Association of Automated Packaging Manufacturing Companies (Anfevi), is in the Media Relations category, within the subcategory NGOs. For the #IChooseGlass campaign by Friends of Glass, MARCO developed a story to raise public awareness about the benefits of using glass-packaged products as a way to protect the oceans and the environment. The campaign was developed in social networks through a series of videos in which the brand’s ambassadors participated, including public figures such as main ambassadors, Maxi Iglesias, Marc Clotet, Natalia Sánchez, Isabel Llano and José Lamuño.

UfM Annual Report

MARCO’s nomination with the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) was in the category Product Of Service Launch and subcategory Government & Politics, and arose from the writing, design and production of the UfM Annual Report 2018, presented last year. MARCO was responsible for creating a visually attractive and editorially accessible document that portrayed the achievements of the UfM in a fresh and youthful way, resulting in an annual report that was easily adaptable to the web and social networks. To this end, editorial guidelines and the visual style were renewed, as well as the production of an interactive online version, in order to attract a younger and wider audience including journalists rather than just policy makers.

Lidl’s Veggie Campaign

The ‘Veggie Revolution 2019’ campaign, created and implemented for the German supermarket chain Lidl, has been nominated in the Retail subcategory, within the Product or Service Promotion category. The strategy was centred on two media presentations showing updated data from the first Veggie study carried out in Spain, and some further sector trends in Spain. In addition, there were ‘cooking shows’ with tastings given by a famous Spanish chef and a famous television presenter, accompanied by advice from a medical nutrition specialist, as well as the presence of important personalities from nutrition companies. The campaign was a great success, achieving significant coverage in the written media, as well as television appearances and a great impact on social networks.

MARCO’s Rebranding

The agency presented a new image last year, which earned it a nomination in the category Institutional Image and subcategory Professional Services. Marco de Comunicación was renamed MARCO, a move that included a new visual identity, an innovative website, and the opening of its 100% sustainable offices in Madrid. The rebranding took place close to the 18th birthday of the agency, which has adopted a greater political, social and environmental commitment. On the one hand, its consolidation as an expert in creating “Country Brand” has come from the presentation of the book “Marca País, un País como Marca”, written by Didier Lagae, Founder and CEO of MARCO. On the other hand, the agency’s position as a leader against climate change is based on its broad portfolio of sustainable clients, as well as on its close collaboration with The Climate Reality Project, a global initiative created by Al Gore, through which CEO and Founder of MARCO Didier Lagae obtained the status of Climate Leader.

In the words of Didier Lagae, MARCO’s CEO and founder, “MARCO is proud to have seven nominations for these awards. We are very happy with the result and with the effort made by our consultants, and I would like to thank our clients for the trust they give us to develop all our campaigns”.

Last modified: 11 August, 2020



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