Celebrities who use social networks generate the most empathy and emotional connection with the Spanish. According to the study on “engagement and emotional connection on social media”, carried out by MARCO de Comunicación, the leading communications and public relations agency in Europe and Latin America based in Spain, online consumers claims to identify most with celebrities in the entertainment world such as actors, actresses and musicians, who lead this ranking with 40% of responses. This is above politicians, who had the lowest score (19.83 %).

According to the survey of more than 1000 people carried out by MARCO, writers and journalists are the second group with the highest emotional connection (37.96%), followed by fashion and lifestyle bloggers (36.5%), who are professionally used to sharing their opinions on products and services.

The era of the micro influencer

With regard to purchasing decisions, one in three (36.59%) respondents said they had purchased a product after having seen it recommended by an influencer. However, when buying, the Spanish continue to give more weight to the opinion and advice of family and friends (71%) than to that of the influencers themselves (34.5%); which indicates that the weight of those closest continues to play a very important role in the consumer habits of Spanish households.

According to the survey, browsing the internet, talking on WhatsApp, and using social media are the three activities most frequently performed during free time. As the study shows, online consumption is no longer linked to the millennial generation and generation Z, but is an activity that transcends demographic criteria such as age. Internet users in Spain account for 93% of the population, reaching 43 million and narrowing the digital divide more and more.

On this basis, consumers use the internet and social media as their main sources to keep up with their favourite subjects; while brands, in turn, try to create their own personality through which to interact directly with the 57% of Spaniards, who, according to data from the study, claim to follow their favourite brands on social media.

Although the current battle for brands is to enhance interaction with users in order to generate greater engagement, the truth is that the majority (67%) follow their brands to be up to date with discounts and promotions, following behind is the 55% who also claim to follow their brands to interact and exchange views with the brand itself. In fact, 53.5% of Spanish consumers maintain that their level of confidence in a brand is not altered by whether or not it has a profile on social media, above the 39.65% for whom it does generate more confidence.

Travel, the most followed topic on social media

There is no doubt that consumers spend the day in front of a screen. Whether via mobile or computer, in Spain, an average of 5 hours and 18 minutes is spent connected to the internet, of which 1 hour and 39 minutes are spent on social media chatting, watching videos or simply looking at the activity of contacts. Travel is the topic that attracts most followers on social networks, according to 66.1% of those surveyed, along with technology (62%). It should be noted that, over and above other topics such as culture and sport, the Spanish also use social networks to gather information and interact with everything related to health, being the third most followed topic by 59.4% of those surveyed.

Coinciding with the publication of the results of the survey carried out by MARCO, Didier Lagae, CEO and founder commented: “At MARCO we have evolved our 360 strategies over the last 18 years, aware of how understanding online behaviour is one of the main keys to achieving success in any campaign. In order to give more details and better understand how the frontiers of communication are increasingly dissipating, within a context of continuous change, we present our first internal study on the relationship of the Spanish with brands and media on the internet”.  

Last modified: 16 July, 2019



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