The agency reinforces its audiovisual storytelling services, providing its clients with a level of production and creativity that is unprecedented in the market.

MARCO, the most awarded agency of the last decade, specialised in brand building and reputation management, has announced its acquisition of Carmela Produce, a production company specialised in branded content and audiovisual storytelling. The agreement between the two companies represents a significant evolution in MARCO’s pioneering commitment to audiovisual storytelling. Carmela Produce has signed the agreement, maintaining its brand, team and independent management.

Since its inception nearly 20 years ago, MARCO has put the concept of storytelling at the heart of its communication strategies for all kinds of clients. From large international brands to local companies, everyone always has a story to tell and a target audience to reach. This is why the agency has been committed to audiovisual creation from the start, as a unique means of maximising the emotions and brand values of its clients.

This vision means that MARCO’s video department, led by Diego Mansilla as Head of Audiovisual, currently produces an average of 15 videos per day for more than 100 clients across 17 offices on 4 continents. “Today’s clients, both in reputation management and brand building, really need to tell powerful and exciting stories that connect with stakeholders, employees and consumers. At MARCO we do this on a daily basis for clients such as Orlando, Audible, Heinz, J&B, the European Environment Agency, the European Intellectual Property Rights Office and the European Commission to name a few,” explains Mansilla. “Everything is audiovisual now. It has always been said that a picture is worth a thousand words, but a video is worth a thousand images. It has a deeper and more lasting impact than any other format, easily shareable and universally understood”.

Similarly, CARMELA Produce defines itself as a production company in which “small stories are created to portray big ideas“. Led by Jorge Martínez as CEO, Paco Baró as a partner and General Manager and the renowned actor and producer, Antonio Resines as a shareholder, the production company has eight employees and develops audiovisual production projects, inbound marketing, spots, audio posts, fashion films and documentaries, among others. The company has worked for IKEA, Carrefour, Correos, Creditea and Antena 3. Among its success stories, it is worth highlighting how its campaigns transcend standard advertising formats, becoming viral stories. Both companies’ shared vision, placing stories as the main axis to connect brands and customers, converges in the agreement.   

In Didier Lagae‘s words, “we are very happy with the agreement reached with Carmela Produce. Our common vision and commitment to great ideas through memorable stories underlines the great capacity for synergy between the two companies. If a brand wants to sell, it must first connect with the consumer, and audiovisual language is the most direct and powerful way to create an emotion or bond. This has always been true for us at MARCO and now we will be able to take our audiovisual creation services well above what is currently being offered in the sector”.

MARCO is led by Didier Lagae, who has been named European and Global PR Professional of the Year by the PRWeek Global Awards and the Stevie Awards, respectively. Didier is a Climate Leader for The Climate Reality Project, created by Al Gore, as well as the author of the book, A Country Brand: A Branded Country, president of the Country Brand Awards, and executive producer of the docuseries, The New Frontiers of Communication, available on Amazon Prime Video.

Last modified: 4 August, 2022



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