Arefeh Russell now leads the new German branch of the already internationally renowned PR agency, MARCO. Previously, Arefeh worked as a senior consultant at relatio PR, a member of the international ECCO network that Didier Lagae, founder of MARCO once helped to establish. With over 15 years of professional experience in both the agency and corporate side, Arefeh brings a wide range of expertise and industry knowledge to MARCO. She has worked with clients in various industries, including food & beverage, healthcare, and banking. At Wrigley, a subsidiary of the Mars Group, Arefeh was the DACH spokesperson. In her new role at MARCO, she is building up the Berlin office with a focus on digital communication, and the Munich office, which will place a greater focus on classic communication and media relations. 

17 offices on four continents, a success story

With the opening of two new German office locations, MARCO expands its global reach to a total of 17 offices on four continents And it is present in an additional 100 markets through its partnership with the MSL Group. Now the success story continues to flourish. MARCO has already been active and well positioned in the DACH market for almost five years servicing its globally positioned clients, including several European Union institutions, as well as well-known brand products. With the creation of two new offices in Berlin and Munich, MARCO will extend its strength and reach in Germany.

Cross-country communication that is effective and efficient 

MARCO is also proactively responding to growing consumer demands and trends to receive paid, owned, and earned media simultaneously from a single source at various locations worldwide in efficient team structures. 

Holistic brand development is deeply anchored in our DNA. What sets us apart as an owner-managed international agency is that we work in a customer-centric manner and always put the teams together according to this principle. Colleagues at our international locations always work together as a team and don’t compete,” says Didier Lagae, Founder and CEO of MARCO, describing how the agency formula works. In partnership with the client, the focus is on high-quality overall results with clearly measurable outcomes.

“This is our formula for success, by which we occupy a unique position in the agency landscape,” Lagae continues. Throughout the process, MARCO has already won numerous awards and accolades, such as European Agency of the Year, Excellence Awards, and the Iberia Agency of the Year and Sabre Awards. 

This special MARCO DNA benefits not only the customers but also our employees. This is because they can develop holistically beyond traditional disciplinary boundaries. In the close team exchanges with colleagues in other regions, employees discover the key trends for the German market particularly quickly. This leads to increased creativity as well as enhanced technical competence in project implementation. In this context, the MARCO family has welcomed 73 consultants in the last year and continues to expand.

Last modified: 24 February, 2022



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