Nebrija University and MARCO, the leading independent global communications consultancy, have announced the launch of a joint master’s degree in Strategic Communications and Corporate Reputation, which will start in the next academic year.

The one-year, blended learning master’s degree is an innovative and enterprising project that responds to the need to incorporate new skills in this evolving sector: big data analytics applied to communications, the future of paid media, digital marketing, customer experience, branding strategies, video storytelling, marketing with influencers and the positioning of new channels on social networks.

The master’s degree is aimed at communication and advertising students who wish to incorporate a more strategic and international approach into their education.

The degree also covers topics that are widely taught in other fields but not usually included in strategic communication courses – like big data and artificial intelligence applied to the world of branding and communication; creative branding; progressive technologies applied to communication; the importance of customer experience, inbound marketing and acquisition marketing.

The programme will be taught by professors from Nebrija University, joined by professionals from MARCO, who will share their extensive national and international expertise in their respective areas. In addition, the programme will include six masterclasses given by acclaimed professionals and experts in their fields. In order to complete their training, build up their professional experience and broaden their career opportunities, students will carry out internships at MARCO, where they will work within the different teams and divisions on projects for important clients and key accounts.

José Muñiz, Rector of Nebrija University, explains that “the aim of the master’s degree is for our students to learn and develop a solid knowledge of the latest trends and technologies influencing the communication sector. We want to merge the world of academia and research with the professional world so that students not only know the theory but can also discover the daily reality of the profession”.

“Moreover,” Muñiz adds, “we will explore the impact of technologies such as big data analytics or artificial intelligence on communication, allowing us, among other things, to understand the traces we leave on social networks or to know the type of information that reaches people. All of this will be explained by established professionals who will allow us to be at the forefront of teaching and other methodologies that shape the communication sector”.

Didier Lagae, Founder and CEO of MARCO, said: “Education and knowledge transfer are key. A top-notch education and effective communication are the foundations for building a better understanding of the world we live in. It is the perfect antidote to extremism, separatism, hatred and racism. Developing understanding undermines prejudice. It is what drives MARCO. And it’s part of the reason why MARCO is partnering with a world-class institution like Nebrija University to offer the best master’s degree available on the market in reputation management and brand building. Our senior team and I are delighted to share our expertise and help train the next generation of communicators and marketing specialists”.

Tomás Matesanz, Chief Business Development and Innovation Officer at MARCO and coordinator of the master’s degree on behalf of the consultancy firm, says: “Technological advances have transformed communication into a process where customer-user experience, technologies shaped by new languages, machine learning, data and total customisation become a product with an influence never seen before. In MARCO’s DNA, we understand that the creative idea of a brand has become a defining element, and that, combined with holistic vision and customer journey, this notion is here to stay. This much should be understood by those who want to train in this sector, which looks nothing like it did 10 years ago. We are delighted to be working with Nebrija University and have them as our partner in this mission”.

MARCO’s mission is to promote understanding. By optimising communication, MARCO brings together different groups such as employees, consumers, stakeholders and tourists on the one hand, and institutions, brands, destinations, governments and companies on the other. Better understanding each other is how we will overcome prejudice and hate. Mutual understanding undermines conflicts such as racism. MARCO has been doing this for 18 years, promoting education, managing reputations and building brands. Many of its campaigns have received global recognition from industry leaders. In fact, MARCO is one of the most awarded independent communications consultancies in Southern Europe. Its founder and CEO, Didier Lagae, a climate leader, was recently named Global and European PR Professional of the Year by the Stevie awards and PR Week awards, respectively.

With 12 offices on four continents and more than 150 consultants, MARCO offers unique expertise in country branding, in the areas of sustainability and climate change, and in the production of audiovisual and branding content.

Last modified: 25 June, 2021



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