MARCO, the independent global communications consultancy, has placed 2 finalists at the upcoming sabre Awards for its breakthrough campaigns for Orlando and Friends of Glass. The “ChinChinConVidrio” campaign by Friends of Glass and “More than a tomato” by Orlando are among the most acclaimed campaigns carried out during the COVID pandemia, with the latter being a simultaneous finalist in the PRWeek Global Awards to be unveiled on May 20th.

This year’s SABRE Awards winners will be announced at the virtual awards gala on 9th June. The SABRE EMEA Awards recognise the best communication campaigns in the region, so it is a significant milestone to have two campaigns among the finalists especially as over 2,000 entries were submitted.

Campaign ‘More than a tomato’ / Category ‘Industry sectors – Food & Beverage’

Orlando’s “More than a tomato” campaign also began in the wake of the pandemic and aimed to demonstrate the brand’s commitment to the Spanish people. Via a 360º strategy focused on the consumer, storytelling was built based on Orlando’s values: commitment, proximity and gastronomic inspiration.

Among the various actions of the campaign, more than 380,000 food parcels were donated to food banks and soup kitchens through various NGOs throughout Spain, in addition to cooking a solidarity menu together with Chef Iván Sáez at the Robin Hood restaurant. In addition, virtual cooking classes were developed with the Orlando brand to inspire Spaniards to prepare original recipes, which were in turn promoted by a team of 35 influencers.

Once the first phase was over, Orlando’s first recipe book was presented to continue inspiring Spaniards in the kitchen. Its launch was accompanied by a 24-hour Virtual Culinary Marathon in which all the recipes in the cookbook were prepared by Chef Iván Sáez with the participation of several influencers.

The outcome of the campaign was very positive, with a total of more than 434 million OTS, quadrupling the KPIs set for the campaign. The return on investment of the campaign was almost four times higher than expected, producing a 3% increase in sales during the campaign.

Elisenda Picola, Orlando’s marketing director, said: “We are delighted that the campaign has been nominated for the SABRE EMEA Awards. This demonstrates the good work carried out together with MARCO to reinforce the Orlando brand and highlights the great results obtained in all the actions developed.

Campaign ‘ChinChinConVidrio’ / Category ‘Geographic – Iberia’

The influencer campaign ‘ChinChinConVidrio’ was developed by MARCO during the quarantine months in Spain and aimed to invite Spaniards to reflect on the current situation and to propose a toast to a better and more sustainable future in which glass plays a key role. To raise awareness and increase the impact around the hashtag #ChinChinConVidrio, MARCO collaborated with 11 nationally recognised influencers to create a campaign on two of the most important and popular social networks today: Instagram and TikTok.

To achieve the objectives of the campaign, MARCO had five influencers on Instagram promote a chain of toasts using glass with the hashtag #ChinChinConVidrio and invite their followers to join the toast. On the other hand, with the aim of reaching a younger audience, MARCO selected a group of six influencers on TikTok and assigned a type of drink (tonic, soft drink and sparkling water) to each one, and asked them to make a video with the hashtag #ChinChinConVidrio. Finally, MARCO developed a video with the actor Maxi Iglesias, to share on the brand’s social networks and better position the Friends of Glass messages.

The results of the campaign exceeded all expectations and proved to be the best performing social media campaign in Spain during the summer. Influencers generated significant organic content and 5.6 million views, 13 million impressions and more than 500,000 unique interactions were achieved. In addition, the #ChinChinConVidrio campaign also had a strong media impact, with significant press coverage.

Karen Davies, Head of Communication at Friends of Glass (Anfevi) Spain, highlighted that “it is a great joy to be finalists in the SABRE EMEA Awards together with MARCO. The work carried out with the agency has been very positive for our brand and the #ChinChinConVidrio campaign has been a real success with which we hope to raise awareness of the problem of recycling”.

Finally, Didier Lagae, CEO and founder of MARCO, expressed his gratitude that “thanks to the trust our clients place in MARCO, we are able to jointly develop impactful campaigns that make a difference.”

Last modified: 14 May, 2021



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