The communication agency MARCO has been recognised with seven Bronze Awards in the first edition of the Lisbon PR Awards, which took place online on Thursday, September 3rd. The creation of these awards by the Lisbon Awards Group is in response to the growing prestige of the Public Relations sector in the advertising and communication industry, and aims to reward the best campaigns and agencies at a global level involved in brand communication.The awards achieved by MARCO are the result of seven of the latest campaigns developed for its clients EUIPO, Mattel, Conforama, Anfevi, UpM and Lidl, as well as the rebranding of the agency itself. The winning campaigns were:

EUIPO’S New Website – Ideas Powered Website

The Bronze Award achieved by MARCO together with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), is awarded in the category Digital & Mobile, more specifically in the subcategory Government & Politics. The award was for the development of the new EUIPO website “Ideas Powered”, an EUIPO initiative with the aim of making the subject of intellectual property (IP) interesting for young people. MARCO carried out the redesign of the website, for which it developed an interactive tool and incorporated content from the campaign and the creative community, with the aim of transforming it into a “communication medium” for intellectual property.

60th Anniversary of Barbie, Mattel

The award won with Mattel is for the Event category in the Children & Teen subcategory. The campaign was carried out as a result of Mattel’s 60th anniversary, continuing the “Sheroes” programme launched in 2015, in which Barbie pays homage to more than 20 female figures, called Role Models. In Spain, MARCO led the programme by selecting and working with three ambassadors: the singer Alaska, the Paralympic athlete Desirée Vila and the scientist Nerea Luis, with whom the agency led an event that achieved great media coverage to continue promoting Barbie’s values.

MODOCASAON Campaign for Conforama

The Bronze Award won by Conforama was in the subcategory Home Furnishings & Appliances of the Media Relations category. The campaign was carried out as part of a 360º strategy launched in Spain and Portugal, the basis of which was an event held in the flagship installation, called “Home Mode On by Conforama”, which was entirely created and designed with the company’s furniture. The installation, located in the centre of Madrid, was designed with the help of renowned designer and decorator Raúl Martins and received extensive media coverage.

CHOOSEGLASS Campaign for Friends of Glass

The Bronze award received along with the National Association of Automatic Packaging Manufacturing Companies (Anfevi), was given in the category Media Relations, within the subcategory NGOs. The campaign, based on the slogan #IChooseGlass, took place through social networks with a series of videos in which the brand’s ambassadors participated, including public figures such as the main ambassador, Maxi Iglesias, as well as Marc Clotet, Natalia Sánchez, Isabel Llano and José Lamuño. To this end, MARCO developed a storytelling campaign with the aim of raising public awareness of the benefits of using glass-packaged products as a way of protecting the oceans and the environment.

UFM Annual Report

The award achieved by MARCO with their client Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) was given in the category Product of Service Launch, subcategory Government & Politics. This award was in recognition of the development of the UfM Annual Report 2018. MARCO was in charge of creating a visually attractive and easy-to-read document that showed the achievements of the UfM. Together with Limbic, it was easily adapted to web and social networks. To this end, the editorial guidelines and visual style were renewed, as well as an interactive online version, in order to attract a wider audience, including journalists rather than just policy makers.

Veggie Campaign for Lidl

Another award was thanks to the campaign ‘The Veggie Revolution 2019’, created and implemented by MARCO for Lidl. This campaign won the Bronze award in the Retail subcategory, in the Product or Service Promotion category. The campaign focused on two media presentations with the updated data from the first veggie study carried out in Spain, and some trends in the sector in our country. There were also cooking shows with tastings given by a famous Spanish chef and a famous television presenter, as well as advice from a medical specialist in nutrition, and included the presence of important figures from nutrition companies.

Rebranding for MARCO

The last award obtained by MARCO came about thanks to the new brand presented by the agency last year, and won in the category Institutional Image and subcategory Professional Services. Marco de Comunicación was renamed MARCO, developing a new visual identity and an innovative new website, as well as opening its new 100% sustainable office in Madrid. This rebranding is due to its consolidation as an expert in the creation of ‘Country Brand’, as shown by the publication of the book “Marca País, un País como Marca”, written by Didier Lagae, Founder and CEO of MARCO; and also due to the agency’s positioning as a leader of action against climate change, as evidenced by its broad portfolio of sustainable clients and its close collaboration with The Climate Reality Project, a global initiative created by Al Gore, through which Lagae obtained the status of Climate Leader.

Didier Lagae, CEO and founder of MARCO, said: “It is a great joy to be recognised at the first edition of this international event. Being awarded in the seven categories in which we were nominated puts us in a dominant position within the international PR sector. We are very proud of the work done by the agency and very grateful for the trust our clients have placed in us to develop their campaigns, as without them this would not be possible.”

Last modified: 28 September, 2020



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