MARCO agency is in charge of designing the communication strategy and managing media relations for LiveRamp (NYSE: RAMP), in Spain and Italy. LiveRamp is a global company, headquartered in the technology hub of San Francisco. Built on core capabilities rooted in connectivity, data Access, identity and data stewardship, LiveRamp’s suite of Enterprise software solutions enables data to be safely, easily and securely connected for activation, measurement and analytics.

These capabilities persist even in the midst of sweeping industry changes, like the deprecation of third-party cookies across browser environments, and increasing restrictions on device-based identifiers. Across these prevailing challenges, LiveRamp continues to advocate on behalf of a trusted ecosystem that puts consumers at the center, and does not rely on third-party cookies or unstable identifiers.

LiveRamp, as a global company, strengthens its global growth by offering its services in two key markets in Europe such as Spain and Italy. For this new expansion the company has chosen MARCO to provide consulting and press office services in both countries. Through its international team, the consultancy firm will assist in the implementation of LiveRamp’s global communication plan.

“From MARCO it is a pleasure to have among our clients a pioneer international company in the technology sector like LiveRamp, which reinforces our technology division as well as our international client portfolio,” states Didier Lagae, Founder and CEO of MARCO.

For his part, Vihan Sharma, Managing Director Europe at LiveRamp, points out that “we are seeing an exponential growth of our services and therefore we have decided to invest in two markets with great potential in the data connectivity sector: Spain and Italy. Among our strategic plans, consolidating our position in these markets is a priority, and therefore we have decided to enlist the support of a reliable partner such as MARCO, which thanks to its know-how and experience, will certainly help us to achieve our goals in both countries.

Last modified: 21 September, 2020



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