The communication agency, MARCO, has risen to 4th position among the Spanish agencies included in the ranking of the 250 most important public relations agencies, prepared by The Holmes Report, known from now on as PRovoke.

This growth reflects the great results achieved by the independent and international agency based in Madrid during the last year. The total turnover of the MARCO Group in 2019 amounted to 9,950,710 euros (11,144,796 USD), the equivalent of an increase of 9.4% compared to the previous year. This also makes MARCO the Spanish agency in the ranking that has grown the most, ahead of LLYC, Atrevia and Apple Tree Communications.

These results are representative of MARCO’s rapid and sustained growth over several years consecutively, allowing it to expand into new markets and in particular, make a strong foothold in Latin America. Last year ended with the opening of new offices in São Paulo which followed its existing offices in Bogota, Lima, Mexico City as well as Miami in the Americas. As business operations in Peru and Colombia were the result of a joint venture with SPR, they were not included in last year’s total billing. This expansion complements the longstanding Paris and Lisbon offices in Europe as well as the MARCO’s office in Casablanca from where it provides its support to clients in Africa. In Spain, MARCO continues to have its offices in Barcelona and its new headquarters in Madrid where it occupies the top floors of the Spinola Tower.

In addition to this, MARCO has positioned itself at the forefront of the fight against climate change, featuring in the opening sessions of COP25 together with The Climate Reality Project and its clients Kaiserwetter and SHARENOW. Moreover, MARCO’s expertise in Country Brand communication were underlined by the publication of the book, ‘A Country Brand, a Branded Country’, written and presented in 2019 by MARCO’s CEO, Didier Lagae.

MARCO’s track record of both growth and adaptability has prepared it for the global transformation of the communication sector itself as new technologies and trends concerning the consumption of content demand changes in the services that are required most. By evolving this way, even during the current crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the agency is able to continue supporting current and potential clients. MARCO is now therefore leading change once again as it promotes alternative approaches that are helping clients continue with their communication strategies effectively. With this in mind, MARCO has strengthened the transversal services it can offer, for example, virtual meetings, webinars, live streaming events, internal virtual events and even online events with paid access, whilst also allocating more resources to the production of videos and the creation of digital campaigns on social networks.

The increased output of the agency’s Video and Creative departments in response to the greater demand for videos and online campaigns is taking place in tandem with the growth of the website, part of the MARCO Group. The online news platform, which specialises in communication through video news pieces and benefits from its extensive reach online and across social networks can speak to a potential audience of hundreds of millions of Spanish speakers in both Spain and Latin America.

In the words of Didier Lagae, founder and CEO of MARCO, “Our results are the consequence of the excellence of our team and the effectiveness of the campaigns we carry out for our clients. It is also the confidence our clients place in us that leads us to continue and improve every day “.

Last modified: 11 May, 2020



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