MARCO has once again become a finalist in three categories of the SABRE Awards, matching the same number of shortlisted campaigns achieved in the last edition. This year’s nominations for MARCO come from the campaigns carried out for Subway, B the travel brand and TaxDown, which have been nominated for the categories ‘Digital Campaign’, ‘Travel & Tourism’ and ‘Iberia’, respectively.

With 25 years of history, the current edition of the event, whose date is yet to be confirmed due to the current coronavirus crisis, has over 600 entries in EMEA and recognises the achievements related to brand, reputation and commitment, meaning it is a great feat for the agency to be a finalist again in the corresponding categories:

● #MiOrgullo #MiWay (#MyPride #MyWay) / Category ‘Digital Campaign’
MARCO developed an awareness campaign to connect with consumers and share brand values related to Subway’s Manifesto, leveraging Pride 2019. The #MyPride #MyWay campaign highlighted Subway’s philosophy, as well as identified the brand as a company that defends the rights and freedoms of all citizens, including the LGBTQI community. MARCO developed a digital campaign that combined social media and influencer marketing, which aimed to spread the message of the Manifesto. The values and messages of the Manifesto were: “PerSonalizable (Customisable), Único (Unique), SaBroso (Tasty), Mi way (My way), Abierto (Open) and Soy (I am as I am)”. Working with six micro-influencers with profiles that matched each of the messages and the philosophy of the campaign, the agency designed two videos and five visuals for Instagram and Facebook that were published daily from 28 June to 6 July.

The campaign reached the target audience through Facebook and Instagram. It generated more than 1 million impressions on social media and more than 25,000 interactions, resulting in more than 45,000 opinions on Instagram Stories.

“The entire Subway team is very excited about this SABRE Awards nomination. The #MyPride #MyWay campaign was born as our way of defending the freedom that all citizens should have to live their own way, which we believe is a basic right. There’s still a long way to go on this topic, but we’re proud to help build the path and to praise the work done so far,” said Inês Fonseca, Marketing Manager for Mediterranean Europe at Subway.

● Traveling film series Cycle B the travel brand / Category ‘Travel & Tourism’
MARCO developed the communication strategy for the first Traveling Film Series B the travel brand, which was organised in collaboration with Fundación Academia de Cine de España (Foundation of the Spanish Film Academy). The goal was to take the Goya award-winning films to every single corner of Spain. For this purpose, the actors themselves were involved in showing the films in historical and touristic locations in the 10 cities with the highest tourism attendance during the summer: Palma, Seville, Valencia, San Sebastian, Gijon, Bilbao, Valladolid, Malaga, Zaragoza and Barcelona. In each city, an extensive public relations campaign was carried out, as well as a national presentation event in Madrid. A large series of interviews and one-to-one initiatives with national and regional media were managed, positioning B the travel brand as a reference in travel and tourism in Spain, but also a brand committed to transmitting values of Spanish culture. MARCO also delivered video e-cards to 50 journalists from the different cities where the films were screened and developed a promotional video.

The presentation event held in Madrid was attended by 25 target media and the campaign reached a potential audience of 598 million people, achieving more than 150 impacts in high quality press. These initiatives achieved a media value of more than 700,000 euros.

“From B the travel Brand we are very proud to be eligible for this important recognition due to the Traveling Film Cycle campaign, supporting film and culture, whose implementation was a great experience for the brand as well as for the media and people involved”, said Ana Garcia Martin, Marketing Director of B the travel brand.

● #TaxDown / Category ‘Iberia’
MARCO designed a reputation building campaign at a key moment for TaxDown’s activity: the income tax campaign. This campaign coincided with the product launch and was the first time that the web application was tested with real consumers in a real tax paying campaign. The purpose was to build a brand reputation from scratch, positioning it as a safe platform to manage taxes, as well as to effectively convey the two main features of the platform: its ease of use and its effectiveness in saving a lot of money on taxes. Thus, MARCO implemented a concerted Public Relations campaign taking full advantage of the company’s internal data and knowledge about taxes and taxpayers to create articles and press releases that achieved strong media visibility.

The results of the campaign, which was implemented in a record time of one month, were more than 110 clippings, including 12 exclusive interviews in both print and broadcast media, positioning TaxDown’s spokespersons as KOL. The campaign reached an audience of more than 242,500,000 people and achieved a media value of 1,452,321 euros.

“We are very proud of this recognition for our first media campaign that we carried out hand in hand with MARCO. For us, the support in PR was fundamental for the launch of the brand and the emergence in Spain of a service as innovative as the one offered by TaxDown” said Álvaro Falcones, Co-CEO of TaxDown.

Furthermore, Didier Lagae, founder and CEO of MARCO said, “I want to thank our clients for their unwavering support and trust. Together we can offer the best campaigns for any specific category”.

Last modified: 11 May, 2020