MARCO, the international agency based in Madrid, has been recognised once again at the Mercury Excellence Awards, obtaining three Bronze Awards in its 2019/2020 edition. Thanks to these three new awards, the agency already has a total of 64 Mercury Awards since its foundation 18 years ago.

Among the categories in which MARCO has been recognised with a Bronze Award in this edition are, ‘DVD/Online: Public Awareness Campaign‘ with Friends of Glass, ‘Promotion/Marketing: Product Awareness‘ with Mattel, as well as, ‘Social Media: Campaigns‘ with Subway.

Friends of Glass: #IChooseGlass – ‘DVD/Online: Public Awareness Campaign

MARCO developed a campaign to increase public awareness of the benefits of using glass-packaged products as a way to protect our oceans and the environment. This campaign, based on the slogan #IChooseGlass by Friends of Glass, served to educate the Spanish public about the importance of changing their consumption habits to favour glass-packaged products.

The campaign was developed in social networks through a series of videos in which the brand’s ambassadors participated, including public figures such as the main ambassador, Maxi Iglesias, as well as Marc Clotet, Natalia Sánchez, Isabel Llano and José Lamuño. MARCO designed a campaign narrative based on data illustrating the main virtues of the use of glass-packaged products, which was carried out through the creation and publication of five videos. The main video recreated a meeting between the brand’s ambassadors, in which they discussed the benefits of using glass-packaged products instead of other materials, and the remaining four videos were one-on-one interactions between Maxi Iglesias and the other ambassadors.

This campaign helped increase public awareness of the use of glass and the benefits of choosing products that are packaged with this material, thereby increasing the use of glass in Spain. The great results of the campaign include more than 2.5 million visualisations, more than 8 million impressions, as well as an engagement that exceeds 900K.

Karen Davies, head of communications at Friends of Glass, said: “Friends of Glass is honoured to have won bronze at the Mercury Awards in the Video category. We are very proud of the campaign ‘#YoElijoVidrio y lo Reciclo’, which has obtained magnificent results thanks to the excellent work done by MARCO. Having received this recognition at an international level is an incentive to continue working in this line: quality videos that achieve an effective balance between creativity and strategy”. 

Barbie: 60th anniversary for Mattel – ‘Promotion/Marketing: Product Awareness

As part of its 60th anniversary, and as a continuation of its “Sheroes” programme launched in 2015, in 2019 Barbie paid tribute to more than 20 heterogeneous and inspiring female references who have marked a before and after, known as Role Models.

In Spain, MARCO led the Role Models program, including the selection and activation related to the three ambassadors for Spain: the singer Alaska, the Paralympic athlete Desirée Vila and the scientist Nerea Luis. Through these ambassadors and various influencers, the campaign narrative was developed and activated simultaneously through all social media channels and traditional media to maximise its reach.

In addition, an event with the presence of brand ambassadors was held, attended by 32 journalists and 15 influencers to continue promoting Barbie values. The event began with a photo session, followed by a press conference with the brand spokesperson, the three brand ambassadors and three young and well-known YouTubers: Alexity, Valeria and Melani. At the end of the conference, different videos were recorded with the influencers and a press release was distributed with images of the event to maximise the impact of the campaign and generate more coverage.

In this way, the campaign has successfully communicated the key messages and values of Barbie as a promoter of girls’ development and empowerment, and has had, to date, more than 50 pieces of high quality coverage, a total audience of 121,805,315 and an AVE of €266,930.

Celine Ricaud, Mattel’s Head of Marketing Iberia, said, “Barbie’s purpose during its 60-year history is to inspire girls through play and we are very happy with all the work we are doing. For us, it is an honor to have received this Mercury Excellence Award thanks to the good results obtained by MARCO’s work. We will continue to put all our efforts into making sure that the girls know that they can be anything they want, without limits.”

Subway: #MiOrgullo #MyWay – ‘Social Media: Campaigns’

MARCO developed an awareness campaign with its client Subway Spain to connect with consumers and share the brand’s core values related to the Subway Manifesto, taking advantage of Pride 2019. The #MyPride #MyWay campaign highlighted Subway’s philosophy of doing things the way people want, as well as identifying the brand as a company that defends the freedoms and rights of citizens, including the LGBTQI community.

The agency carried out a digital campaign that combined content for social network channels with an influencer marketing campaign, with the aim of disseminating content related to the Manifesto, and allowing the user to identify with the values it proclaims. The values and messages of the Manifesto were: ‘PerSonalizable (Personalisable), SaBroso (Tasty), My Way, Abierto (Open) y SoY (I am)’. To expand this strategy, we worked with six micro influencers whose profiles fit each of the messages and the philosophy of the campaign. For this purpose, MARCO designed two videos and five visuals for Instagram and Facebook that were published every day from June 28th to July 6th and showed how the influencers enjoyed the philosophy of #MyWay.

The campaign attracted the general public through Facebook and Instagram. It generated more than 1 million social media impressions and more than 25,000 interactions, reaching more than 50,000 people through influencers and achieving more than 45,000 Instagram Stories opinions.

Inês Fonseca, Marketing Manager of Mediterranean Europe for Subway, said, “Subway is proud to have received bronze in the Mercury Awards, in the Social Media category. The digital campaign #MiOrgullo #MyWay by MARCO is a great step for Subway to show its new philosophy and values, so it is of great satisfaction for us that it has been recognised at an international level”.

The Mercury Excellence Awards are part of a series of prestigious global PR awards meaning these three new awards have been achieved thanks to a significant effort from MARCO’s Creative, PR and Social Media teams. They also work to strengthen MARCO’s reputation internationally for its distinctive 360º campaigns.  Didier Lagae, CEO and founder of MARCO said: “I would like to thank our customers for their trust in our creative campaigns and for their support and appreciation. We are very happy with the result and with the effort made by all our consultants in order to achieve another year of standing out among the best communication campaigns at an international level”.

Last modified: 9 March, 2020



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