MARCO, the international PR agency based in Spain, is now responsible for designing the communications strategy and managing the media relations for the company Hocelot in Spain and Mexico. Hocelot is a Spanish deep tech company, specialised in obtaining new generation variables and analytics (AI, machine learning and deep learning) in real time to solve specific needs within business challenges. Founded in 2016, it was born out of the need to know each client specifically, in order to develop value proposals that would fit each client’s individual needs.  Hocelot thus offers smart data services for data processing, and smart analytics services to obtain synthetic variables and insights for its clients.

Understanding the data generated by businesses, determining patterns, behavioural or otherwise, and interpreting what data is reliable is already a differential value. The analysis and correct use of big data is a competitive advantage for any company in the current market and its correct implementation facilitates strategic decision making and achieves greater operational efficiency. To achieve this, Hocelot decided to design a solution that was capable of ingesting unstructured data, processing it in real time and converting it into high-value actions. The company currently provides solutions to specific problems using canonical models in advanced analytics thanks to the knowledge it gathers from the entire market. The company does not have databases, instead it stores this aggregated knowledge to feed the analytical models for each of its clients, thus avoiding the risks of data leakage or theft. In addition to being responsible for the treatment of such data, it complies 100% with the RGPD and LOPD laws.

Hocelot has just made its leap onto the international stage through its arrival in Mexico in October 2019. For this stage in its expansion, it has chosen MARCO to design a successful strategy, for which the agency will provide consulting and press office services. This comes thanks to MARCO’s experience and international positioning, supported by its 10 offices across four continents. These services will promote the implementation of Hocelot’s global communications plan and therefore act as a catalyst for its continued international trajectory, helping it to expand and position itself as a leader in its sector.

“We are delighted to have Hocelot, a Spanish leader in smart data solutions, joining our IT client portfolio. Thanks to the expertise of our PR team and the great potential that Hocelot represents, MARCO continues to consolidate its experience in a sector with a great future ahead of it. What’s more, big data and smart analysis will only continue to surprise us with new solutions and impressive rates of development”, says Didier Lagae, CEO of MARCO.

Aristides Figuera, Global Marketing Manager at Hocelot, points out that, “We have experienced rapid growth which has allowed us to break into Latin America, landing in Mexico, a country with great potential for our services. Our plans for 2020 include continuing to grow in Spain and reaching new markets. For us, it is fundamental and strategic to have a renowned international agency with experience in the IT sector such as MARCO. I am sure that, together with MARCO’s team, we will achieve great success in the coming years.”

Last modified: 16 January, 2020