MARCO, the international communications agency based in Spain, will go on strike for the first time in its almost 18 years. This follows the World Climate Strike called in Spain this Friday 27 September, in response to the climate emergency we are facing and the need to demand real measures from governments to stop it.

The strike is backed by a broad and worldwide movement that began its protests last 20 September in many parts of the world, and will extend until 27 September, where it will conclude with different protests and programmed activities. Within the framework of the strike, the ‘Climate Action Summit 2019’ took place in New York, from 21 September until yesterday, 23 September. The summit discussed the seriousness of the problem of climate change, its consequences, and the steps that need to be followed to stop the rise in temperatures that cause climate change.

The gathering was attended by the main leaders of the European Union and India, as well as Russia and China, although their presidents were not present. The United States and Brazil were not represented as they both continue to be sceptical of climate change, despite all the scientific evidence proving it. During the special meeting organised by the UN, the lack of commitment and action on the part of all governments to mitigate the problem has been widely criticised. This is one of the world’s most pressing problems and people around the world are mobilising on an ever bigger scale to demonstrate to their governments our concern for the situation and our commitment for change. We have until December 2020 for all governments to put on the table their policies to combat climate change and achieve the objectives agreed in the Paris Agreement. Therefore, these 15 months are decisive for saving the planet and it is up to us to demand from politicians a real roadmap before the Spanish general elections scheduled for 10 November, where the government will be elected with the power to make change happen.

Therefore, MARCO is making this unique call to action by striking this Friday and urging all collectives to raise their voices and defend, “the only planet we have and the one future next generations will inherit,” as climate leader Didier Lagae, CEO and founder of MARCO, points out on behalf of the agency.

“We urgently need to move away from fossil fuel-driven power generation towards renewable energies. Otherwise, we will have no future to offer our children, coastal cities will be submerged under water and disappear, we will continue to suffer more flash floods, droughts and forest fires, businesses will close down and economies will collapse and we will see the mass migration of people who do not have access to clean water and food. It is urgent to establish measures to meet the objectives of the Paris Agreement and stop climate change, as we are reaching a point of no return in global warming. Unless we join Greta Thunberg, The Climate Reality Project, Greenpeace, WWF and Ecologistas en Acción, among many others, we will not have a voice powerful enough to pressure our government and politicians to make the right decisions.”

Through MARCO’s adherence to the global strike, with its 10 offices on four continents, it urges all its customers, partners, journalists, influencers, suppliers, media, its own employees and companies in general, to speak up and make themselves heard.

Many demonstrations have been organised for this Friday 27 September, in capitals around the world, including Madrid, from 18.00 hours in Atocha. As Álvaro Rodríguez, general coordinator of The Climate Reality Project in Spain, points out, “we can continue debating the climate crisis, but we are already entering the stage where we are seeing irreversible consequences”. Join MARCO, let’s be heard together and make sure they know what we want!

Last modified: 26 September, 2019



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